The Declan Crouch Fund

Declan Crouch, aged 13, disappeared on 9 March 2011. After an extensive and very public three-month search, his body was found near his Machans Beach home. Declan had taken his own life.

How heartbreaking that our young are ready to give up on life before it has begun.  The Declan Crouch Fund was set up to save lives in his memory.  It raises funds for the Dr Edward Koch Foundation’s work in suicide prevention in FNQ, with three aims;

  • To break down the stigma of mental illness and suicide through raising awareness;
  • to campaign for better mental health facilities for our youth and young adults;
  • and to target our youth in schools and sporting clubs with a youth suicide prevention program. 

In Australia we lose over 2,000 people each year to suicide, more than by road accidents, yet this is a little known fact because we don’t talk about it.

Youth suicide is on the rise and the age is getting younger.

Please support this vital work by donating to the Fund.  Download form for donation by direct debit. 

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