Taskforce Subgroups

Lived Experience Reference Group (LERG)
Stigma Reduction Committee (SRC)
Public Education Committee (PEC)
Peer Support Team (PST)

Research indicates there is a strong need for those with lived experience to contribute to the development of any suicide prevention strategies and projects.  This initiative of the Taskforce has ensured there will robust involvement in our region by those with lived experience. 

Members are able to nominate to work on more than one task group, if they wish. The majority of each task group takes place in small subcommittee settings in which decisions are made and tasks are allocated to each member in accordance with their capacity. For advancing the overall purpose of each task group, a representative has been appointed who reports on subcommittee activities to the Taskforce at its monthly meetings. 

The Lived Experience Reference Group and the Stigma Reduction Committee hold regular meetings. The Public Education Committee and the Peer Support Team convene as required.