Rotary Corporate Duck Race

The Rotary Corporate Duck Race is held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Cairns Trinity every year. A large field of ducks race to glory for various prizes in the lagoon at the Cairns Esplanade.
Some ducks are specially dressed for the race, adding a further touch of colour to this popular event. There is a “Dashing Duck” prize for the best-dressed duck. Corporate ducks can be sponsored by companies or individuals. Companies that purchase five or more ducks are acknowledged as major race sponsors.

The Dr Edward Koch Foundation is grateful for the sponsorship of the many corporations that sponsor a duck/s and to the ongoing support of the Rotary Club of Cairns Trinity and in the past, the Rotary Club of Cairns Mulgrave. The proceeds of the duck race help the Foundation with their Life Suicide Prevention Program.

We are proud to be associated with Rotary in this wonderful light-hearted Duck Race which has captured the spirit of the local community and provided so many needed benefits. 
Camerons Carpet Court in Cairns has carpets softer than duck down. Watch them glide over the water. Thank you to Camerons for sponsoring 2 ducks. CD001 & CD002.

SMSF Strategic Advisors welcome you to duck through their door for quality strategic advice. Thank you to SMSF Strategic Advisors for sponsoring duck CD004.

Brien Leibinger Lawyers can solve all of your estate problems just like water off a duck’s back. Thank you to Brien Leibinger Lawyers for sponsoring duck CD003.

Grant Thornton‘s financial advisory services won’t ruffle your feathers but has you in very safe hands. Thank you to Grant Thornton’s financial advisory services for sponsoring duck CD005.

Gav & Co. Distribution‘s duck will deliver the goods on race day as they always do. Thank you to Gav & Co Distribution for sponsoring Duck No. CD006!

For information about the 2021 Rotary Corporate Duck Race, click here.

To sponsor a duck, click here.